Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick WIP Update

Started work on my belligerent engines, and threw some paint at Moarfistin.

^ Left is the new BA dread, and right is my old FT dread.

^ pair of dread CC weapons, the one has been modified to be a retractable fist cannon to represent a magnagrapple, and the other is giving a salute.

^ the Angry Marine take on Blood Talons

^Moarfistin with some paint, obviously very in progress.

I also meant to get Moarfistin done for my this post, but I got a bit carried away with my first belligerent engine, Brother Caede


He needs some touch ups, and some arms, but I am really happy with him so far. BTW - google translator told me that Caede meant murderous in latin, but then I saw somewhere else that it means to cut up/chop etc, which is appropriate considering he will have industrial fan hands. The word is probably being completely misunderstood by me and google, but GW uses fake latin all the time, why can't I?

Also, I had a thought that I would like to put to you fine gentlemen. I was thinking about an Angrinator. First I thought that I might run it as a Vindicator instead of a Whirlwind, then I thought why not use a Vindicator as the base model and attach the whirlwindy bits to it?

Pros: I could use it as a Vindicator without it being such a "stretch" visually, it comes with a huge dozer blade, and I can have the Sgt being fired from the cannon port.

Cons: It's a departure form the traditional design, and it might look goofy?

What do you guys think?