Monday, November 7, 2011

Quick WIP Update

Started work on my belligerent engines, and threw some paint at Moarfistin.

^ Left is the new BA dread, and right is my old FT dread.

^ pair of dread CC weapons, the one has been modified to be a retractable fist cannon to represent a magnagrapple, and the other is giving a salute.

^ the Angry Marine take on Blood Talons

^Moarfistin with some paint, obviously very in progress.

I also meant to get Moarfistin done for my this post, but I got a bit carried away with my first belligerent engine, Brother Caede


He needs some touch ups, and some arms, but I am really happy with him so far. BTW - google translator told me that Caede meant murderous in latin, but then I saw somewhere else that it means to cut up/chop etc, which is appropriate considering he will have industrial fan hands. The word is probably being completely misunderstood by me and google, but GW uses fake latin all the time, why can't I?

Also, I had a thought that I would like to put to you fine gentlemen. I was thinking about an Angrinator. First I thought that I might run it as a Vindicator instead of a Whirlwind, then I thought why not use a Vindicator as the base model and attach the whirlwindy bits to it?

Pros: I could use it as a Vindicator without it being such a "stretch" visually, it comes with a huge dozer blade, and I can have the Sgt being fired from the cannon port.

Cons: It's a departure form the traditional design, and it might look goofy?

What do you guys think? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Squad Finished!

After a lot of fucking about and procrastinating, I finished the last 5 mahreens for my first Angry Squad. I thought by not letting myself work on anything else until they were done, I would be more likely to get off my ass and finish them quickly. I was bullshitting myself. Anyway, here's the result:

It's hammer time. Ha ha ha...

This was a request form a guard playing friend. He's quite sadistic when it comes to the lives of his dudes.

The power bat turned out better than I thought. Although it's a clunky miniature, he served me well in his days as a Flesh Tearer (and as a Salamander before that!); for this reason I will look past his goofy helmet and big hands. Speaking of Salamanders, does anyone else remember when they all had Initiative 3? That was fucking stupid. Also I am old.


The Emperor's finest pest control.

There you have it, my first completed unit. I may revisit some of the bases later, but I never have been terribly imaginative or motivated in that respect.

As I said before, I'm using Blood Angel rules to make this force. As a side project, I am planning on "re-imagining" the rules for all the units (the ones I use anyway) with the intent of making a Codex of sorts for myself detailing everything in my army. Since I finished my Angry Squad first, here's what I came up with for Death Company:

Angry Marine Squad:  20 points per model.

Unit Composition: 3-30 Angry Marines

Unit Type: Infantry


  • Power Armour
  • Frag/Krak Grenades
  • Random Bullshit - Angry Marines are masters of unconventional and improvised weaponry. Random Bullshit counts as a CC weapon and bolt pistol. If the model does not have a bolt pistol (as pistols are generally for pussies), it is assumed he can throw whatever he DOES have at the enemy to the same effect.
Special Rules:
  • They're Fucking Angry! - The seething, unstoppable, violent rage of an Angry Marine makes a Khorne Beserker look like a whiny cunt who's throwing a tantrum. For this reason, Angry Marines are subject the the Furious Charge, Feel No Pain, Fearless, Relentless and Rage universal special rules.
  • FUCK THAT BORING SHIT - Angry Marines are extremely impatient when it comes to slaughtering the Emperor's foes and show a complete disregard for tactics, objectives, "faggoty spehss elf artifacts", and so forth. An Angry Marine squad never counts as a scoring unit.
  • Any Angry Marine may replace one or both parts of his Random Bullshit with the following:
    • Power Weapon (typically a power bat, power broken bottle, power brick, etc) - 15 pt
    • Powerfist - 25 pt
    • Power Feet (Counts as a pair of power fists) - 50 pt
    • Thunder Wrench (Counts as Thunder Hammer) - 30 pt
  • For every five models in the squad, one Angry Marine may replace part of his Random Bullshit with:
    • Hand Flamer - 10 pt
    • Melta/Plasma Pistol - 15 pt
Dedicated Transports:
  • Rhino (Fired from orbit/Angry Titan, counts as Drop Pod)
  • Drop Pod
  • Land Raider
  • Razorback

That's it for now. My next intended projects are two Belligerent Engines, painting Moarfistin, and maybe my Black Brother squad.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New recruits, WIPs, etc....

Been slacking off with this blog, but at least it gave me enough material for a decent post! Let's do this shit:

^ finished converting Moarfistin, The Extremely Cross (counts as Mephiston) The angry face is taken from a possessed helmet that's been shaved down. After seeing Mephy's statline, I knew I had to use him in some form. He's like a carnifex combined with an archon, which is then given magical powers. The picture is censored because I made it for Warseer, and then forgot to save the original naughty one. You will NEVER guess what is behind that black bar.

^ Dual hand flamers! Kill it with fire!

^ Marine tearing a genestealer limb from limb, make a wish anyone?

^ the famous guardsman CC weapon. I really couldn't consider this a real AM army without at least one...

^ Sledge Hammer and Power Bat/stick/maul/whateveraslongasitkillsheretics. The Bat is still uneven despite the considerable amount of yelling directed at it. I'll fix it before I paint....

That's all of my WIPs, and here is a finished model! It's my Angry Apothecary. He specializes in amputating torsos:

Alright, now that I covered my models, here's my projected force org (for those who care (no-one but me))

- Moarfistin (Mephiston)
- Bruisiarch Pugnacious (Astaroth the Grim): Power Guitar (two handed axe, hah) he's important because he enables more DC!
- Captain(?): Jump pack, rocket fists? need ideas here...
- Honor Guard

- Angry Mob x 2 - 10 man (Death Company): drop pod (crashed rhinos?) maybe deep striking land raiders?
- Angry Mob - 5 man in a Razorback (Death Company): Fast Razor backs are awesome.
- Assault Angry Mob - 10 man (Death Company with Jump Packs): Will form an honor guard for Pugnacious to get the most of his Litanies.
- Beligerant Engine x 2 (Death Company Dreads): Drop Pods with dozer blades? Somehow?

- Pair of Baals? (hah)
- Land Speeders: Fist Launchers, dozer blades.

- Black Brothers (Sanguinary guard): Home made cinematic jet plumes, "burning from within" paint job.
- Angry Apothecaries (Sanguinary Priests): Hacksaws, pliers, kegs, cigar racks. I plan to attach them to any non DC unit so that they get FNP and FC..
- Angry Terminators: Both kinds, no really good ideas yet. Will prob deep strike via Land Raiders.
- Black Engine (Flying Librarian Dread): Same stuff as the Black brothers, only bigger, force bat, jet engines.

- Predator Angrinator(Whirlwind): Look it up, gonna stay true to the original design, gonna model some of the marines as launching.
- "The Bird" (Stormraven Gunship): Replace missiles with assault marines, have marines punching through the doors/hanging on outside, big golden finger fist as a hood ornament.
- Devestators(?): Thinking about modeling them as beat-up, tired looking Mentor Marines, with signs saying things like "Please help us"....or I could go with a second Stormraven...


- Baneblade, piloted by Commissar Fuklaw
- Angry Reaver Titan - provided I can get a armorcast one cheapish, or something similar.

That's it for now. Working on getting some paint on the above WIPs, then maybe move onto a Belligerent Engine so I have a the legal 1-HQ, 2-troop force!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slowly but surely....

Lately, I've been thinking about more ideas for conversions than I have actually been painting and chopping. But some painting and chopping has gotten done, never fear.

I have also decided that my first two HQ choices will be Bruisiarch Pugnacious (counts as Astaroth, using because he enables more Death Company), and Moarfistin, The Extremely Cross (counts as Mephiston, using because he is basically an Archon crossed with a carnifex which is then given magic powers). I have started converting them.....slightly......alright mostly in my head, but whatever. Fuck you. I need to acquire some bits.

Anyway, here's what I have accomplished recently:

Angry Marine with a lead pipe and a cigar. Lead pipe is from the ork biker kit, and the cigar is green stuff. Not much else needs to be said here; it's simple, but he brings a smile to my face every time I look at him.




Angry Marine with a "Nut Cracker" pattern Thunder Wrench. I am really content with the way this model came together: positioning and flow and other pretentious horseshit and whathaveyou. As with my test model, I used assault marine legs. The head is from the Chaos Marine kit; I just removed the topknot. The gun flash is an Armorcast "cinematic effect"; they have some pretty badass stuff, google it. The wrench arm is a terminator thunderhammer arm with the hammer replaced with a dollhouse scale wrench. And finally:

Brother Kratos. He's just such a belligerent, grumpy fellow that I though he would fit in just fine in the chapter. I am proud of this idea and how it came together. That's right, three models in a row that I am unabashedly pleased with. It's getting pretty fucking smug in here. The swords are ork chain choppaz. I'm not sure what kit the head is from, but the goatee is green stuffed on. The chains are from some non-GW mini maker; Reaper maybe?

As a side note, the expensive camera that I borrow for this blog is a harsh mistress....she sees all and judges mercilessly. They all look better in person. I swear it.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Keeping those stupid fuckers in line.

I have always wanted to paint this model; I just never had a use for him. Now I do! I present my first Angry Sgt:

I'm a little happier about the yellow, but I still need to work out some kinks.

He's just such a pissed off looking bastard as is that I didn't feel the need to do any major conversions. The only modification I made was to file off his knuckle studs so I could add Angry Marine combat doctrine; namely the part about You and how you should be Fucked.

As I stated before, this squad will be "counts as" Death Company, so the Sgt is just for show. I plan on outfitting the squad as follows:

- 2 w/ Plasma Pistols
- 1 Power Fist
- 1 Thunder Wrench(hammer)
- 1 power weapon (yet to be determined)
- 5 CC/Pistol (nothing that boring I assure you)

The squad will be mounted in a Drop Pod, and boy do I have a fun idea for that!

Please share any comments or ideas you might have!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Descent Into Raeg

Greetings everyone, and welcome to my Angry Marine project log. Needless to say, this blog may not always be safe for work. For those of you who don't know what the Angry Marines are, here you go: NSFW.

I wanted to start a 40k army that would give me endless conversion opportunities, and also be a challenge to paint. I eventually settled on the Angry Marines as I love their "fluff" and imagery, I had a pile of marines lying around collecting dust, and yellow is fucking hard to paint. Some may consider a full "joke" army to be a waste of good models, but those people are FUCKING DICKSNIFFERS AND HERETICS TO BOOT!! <ahem> Sorry, just getting into the spirit.

I've seen many attempts to convert the Angry Marines to the tabletop; many are halfhearted, show promise but peter out before completion, are not well documented, or are limited in scope to a handful of models. I don't plan on doing any of the above. My goals are as follows:

  - Full Force Organization
  - Fully Tabletop Legal
  - Built for personality rather than winning tournies
  - All models converted and individualized
  - Document everything
  - They will be really, really pissed off

I realize that this will be a long term project, but I will not give up until I am done! That being said, I had to figure out what army I want to utilize. The choice is obvious: Blood Angels. They got the death company, Land Raiders that drop from the sky, a Baby Thunderhawk, flying dreadnoughts, genocidal dreadnoughts, and a bunch of nifty wargear. My first though was just to run a normal "reskinned" BA army, but there were some problems: First, furious charge is random and inconsistent with regular marines. Angry Marines are not sometimes angry, or even angry most of the time; they are ALWAYS ANGRY ALL THE TIME!! Second, if my regular marines are angry marines, what will I do with death company? What is angrier than an Angry Marine...? Nothing, so a Death Company Army it shall be. After all, capturing objectives is for pussies who leave some of the enemy alive.

Without further ado, here is my first (test) marine.

Fairly simple conversion on this guy. Gave him assault marine legs and a standard torso, chaos chainsword with the extra blade details shaved off, and a circle of green stuff for the chest emblem.

Let me say again, yellow is an evil bitch. I'm not entirely happy with this guy, and I plan on changing up my painting  methods and recipes, so I won't list a tutorial or paint recipe until I come up with a standardized process.