Monday, October 24, 2011

Squad Finished!

After a lot of fucking about and procrastinating, I finished the last 5 mahreens for my first Angry Squad. I thought by not letting myself work on anything else until they were done, I would be more likely to get off my ass and finish them quickly. I was bullshitting myself. Anyway, here's the result:

It's hammer time. Ha ha ha...

This was a request form a guard playing friend. He's quite sadistic when it comes to the lives of his dudes.

The power bat turned out better than I thought. Although it's a clunky miniature, he served me well in his days as a Flesh Tearer (and as a Salamander before that!); for this reason I will look past his goofy helmet and big hands. Speaking of Salamanders, does anyone else remember when they all had Initiative 3? That was fucking stupid. Also I am old.


The Emperor's finest pest control.

There you have it, my first completed unit. I may revisit some of the bases later, but I never have been terribly imaginative or motivated in that respect.

As I said before, I'm using Blood Angel rules to make this force. As a side project, I am planning on "re-imagining" the rules for all the units (the ones I use anyway) with the intent of making a Codex of sorts for myself detailing everything in my army. Since I finished my Angry Squad first, here's what I came up with for Death Company:

Angry Marine Squad:  20 points per model.

Unit Composition: 3-30 Angry Marines

Unit Type: Infantry


  • Power Armour
  • Frag/Krak Grenades
  • Random Bullshit - Angry Marines are masters of unconventional and improvised weaponry. Random Bullshit counts as a CC weapon and bolt pistol. If the model does not have a bolt pistol (as pistols are generally for pussies), it is assumed he can throw whatever he DOES have at the enemy to the same effect.
Special Rules:
  • They're Fucking Angry! - The seething, unstoppable, violent rage of an Angry Marine makes a Khorne Beserker look like a whiny cunt who's throwing a tantrum. For this reason, Angry Marines are subject the the Furious Charge, Feel No Pain, Fearless, Relentless and Rage universal special rules.
  • FUCK THAT BORING SHIT - Angry Marines are extremely impatient when it comes to slaughtering the Emperor's foes and show a complete disregard for tactics, objectives, "faggoty spehss elf artifacts", and so forth. An Angry Marine squad never counts as a scoring unit.
  • Any Angry Marine may replace one or both parts of his Random Bullshit with the following:
    • Power Weapon (typically a power bat, power broken bottle, power brick, etc) - 15 pt
    • Powerfist - 25 pt
    • Power Feet (Counts as a pair of power fists) - 50 pt
    • Thunder Wrench (Counts as Thunder Hammer) - 30 pt
  • For every five models in the squad, one Angry Marine may replace part of his Random Bullshit with:
    • Hand Flamer - 10 pt
    • Melta/Plasma Pistol - 15 pt
Dedicated Transports:
  • Rhino (Fired from orbit/Angry Titan, counts as Drop Pod)
  • Drop Pod
  • Land Raider
  • Razorback

That's it for now. My next intended projects are two Belligerent Engines, painting Moarfistin, and maybe my Black Brother squad.

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