Friday, February 10, 2012

Tourny Shit & Other Delightful Things

I have a lot of awesome, derp, and raeg going on in my life right now, so my Angry Marines have not been getting the attention they should. Hopefully, it will all wrap itself up soon.

I have a 1000 pt tourney coming up soon that I need to prepare for, so I am forcing myself to paint everything in the list before doing other things. My list consists of:

  • Moarfistin (Mephiston)
  • 10 Angry Marines (death company equipped as per previous posts)
  • Belligerent Engine w/ counts as blood talons (not Brother Ignus from my last post)
  • Stormraven Gunship
  • Landspeeder Fuckstorm (ass-cannon and multimelta)
That's right, I am participating in a real tournament without a single scoring unit, BECAUSE HOLDING OBJECTIVES IS FOR PUSSIES. I will NOT win, but it WILL be glorious to simply murder as many things as possible, have some really interesting games, hopefully give some people laughs, and hopefully get an appearance award. More likely, I will end up playing the one obligatory 7 year old, and his over-sensitive ex-navy seal dad will take offense and use my colon to shine his shoes (this is all hypothetical, I don't know any such people, but knowing my luck I should probably come up with an escape plan, or some emergency proxy models, just in case). Oh, how I suffer for my art...

Anyway, here's what I have been able to accomplish (usually in 1 hour long chunks here and there) in the last month or two:

Angry Marine Black Brother
I was going to wait to finish this guy until my tourney stuff is done, but the bits all arrived and my will is weak! Still, the people I have shown him to have practically fapped, which is good for my morale, which motivates me to make moar dudes, which is good. The other 4 will not be made until my tourney list is completed, however.....I WILL be strong.

Belligerent Engine, Brother Caede

Finally finished him! He will be attending my tourney, and has already racked up an impressive body count in my practice games. He's up to 5 scarab bases, &10 necron warriors in one game, and about 28 guardsmen in another (all in one turn, 18 of which were in CC, FUCKING EPIC, it would have been higher, but we had to cut off the game early).

Here's my stormraven's assembly process so far:


^ The first bit of ANGRY added to my raven. USE YOUR FUCKING TURN SIGNAL YOU FART CATCHER.

The 2nd bit of ANGRY was a request from the warseer forums. I had a request to make the turret a Terminator dual wielding assault cannons and smoking a cigar. SO IT SHALL BE DONE.

Not counting the "turret" and the rest of the bird, I have 5 more marines, and one extremely unfortunate xenos, that have to be converted and painted to complete this beast. It's going to be painful, yet hopefully epic as hell.

That's it it for now. Hopefully more updates soon, more stormraven goodness, and a land speeder with a dozer blade!