Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New recruits, WIPs, etc....

Been slacking off with this blog, but at least it gave me enough material for a decent post! Let's do this shit:

^ finished converting Moarfistin, The Extremely Cross (counts as Mephiston) The angry face is taken from a possessed helmet that's been shaved down. After seeing Mephy's statline, I knew I had to use him in some form. He's like a carnifex combined with an archon, which is then given magical powers. The picture is censored because I made it for Warseer, and then forgot to save the original naughty one. You will NEVER guess what is behind that black bar.

^ Dual hand flamers! Kill it with fire!

^ Marine tearing a genestealer limb from limb, make a wish anyone?

^ the famous guardsman CC weapon. I really couldn't consider this a real AM army without at least one...

^ Sledge Hammer and Power Bat/stick/maul/whateveraslongasitkillsheretics. The Bat is still uneven despite the considerable amount of yelling directed at it. I'll fix it before I paint....

That's all of my WIPs, and here is a finished model! It's my Angry Apothecary. He specializes in amputating torsos:

Alright, now that I covered my models, here's my projected force org (for those who care (no-one but me))

- Moarfistin (Mephiston)
- Bruisiarch Pugnacious (Astaroth the Grim): Power Guitar (two handed axe, hah) he's important because he enables more DC!
- Captain(?): Jump pack, rocket fists? need ideas here...
- Honor Guard

- Angry Mob x 2 - 10 man (Death Company): drop pod (crashed rhinos?) maybe deep striking land raiders?
- Angry Mob - 5 man in a Razorback (Death Company): Fast Razor backs are awesome.
- Assault Angry Mob - 10 man (Death Company with Jump Packs): Will form an honor guard for Pugnacious to get the most of his Litanies.
- Beligerant Engine x 2 (Death Company Dreads): Drop Pods with dozer blades? Somehow?

- Pair of Baals? (hah)
- Land Speeders: Fist Launchers, dozer blades.

- Black Brothers (Sanguinary guard): Home made cinematic jet plumes, "burning from within" paint job.
- Angry Apothecaries (Sanguinary Priests): Hacksaws, pliers, kegs, cigar racks. I plan to attach them to any non DC unit so that they get FNP and FC..
- Angry Terminators: Both kinds, no really good ideas yet. Will prob deep strike via Land Raiders.
- Black Engine (Flying Librarian Dread): Same stuff as the Black brothers, only bigger, force bat, jet engines.

- Predator Angrinator(Whirlwind): Look it up, gonna stay true to the original design, gonna model some of the marines as launching.
- "The Bird" (Stormraven Gunship): Replace missiles with assault marines, have marines punching through the doors/hanging on outside, big golden finger fist as a hood ornament.
- Devestators(?): Thinking about modeling them as beat-up, tired looking Mentor Marines, with signs saying things like "Please help us"....or I could go with a second Stormraven...


- Baneblade, piloted by Commissar Fuklaw
- Angry Reaver Titan - provided I can get a armorcast one cheapish, or something similar.

That's it for now. Working on getting some paint on the above WIPs, then maybe move onto a Belligerent Engine so I have a the legal 1-HQ, 2-troop force!

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  1. Fucking awesome. Keep it up, and post more progress pics when you have them!