Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slowly but surely....

Lately, I've been thinking about more ideas for conversions than I have actually been painting and chopping. But some painting and chopping has gotten done, never fear.

I have also decided that my first two HQ choices will be Bruisiarch Pugnacious (counts as Astaroth, using because he enables more Death Company), and Moarfistin, The Extremely Cross (counts as Mephiston, using because he is basically an Archon crossed with a carnifex which is then given magic powers). I have started converting them.....slightly......alright mostly in my head, but whatever. Fuck you. I need to acquire some bits.

Anyway, here's what I have accomplished recently:

Angry Marine with a lead pipe and a cigar. Lead pipe is from the ork biker kit, and the cigar is green stuff. Not much else needs to be said here; it's simple, but he brings a smile to my face every time I look at him.




Angry Marine with a "Nut Cracker" pattern Thunder Wrench. I am really content with the way this model came together: positioning and flow and other pretentious horseshit and whathaveyou. As with my test model, I used assault marine legs. The head is from the Chaos Marine kit; I just removed the topknot. The gun flash is an Armorcast "cinematic effect"; they have some pretty badass stuff, google it. The wrench arm is a terminator thunderhammer arm with the hammer replaced with a dollhouse scale wrench. And finally:

Brother Kratos. He's just such a belligerent, grumpy fellow that I though he would fit in just fine in the chapter. I am proud of this idea and how it came together. That's right, three models in a row that I am unabashedly pleased with. It's getting pretty fucking smug in here. The swords are ork chain choppaz. I'm not sure what kit the head is from, but the goatee is green stuffed on. The chains are from some non-GW mini maker; Reaper maybe?

As a side note, the expensive camera that I borrow for this blog is a harsh mistress....she sees all and judges mercilessly. They all look better in person. I swear it.

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