Sunday, June 5, 2011

Descent Into Raeg

Greetings everyone, and welcome to my Angry Marine project log. Needless to say, this blog may not always be safe for work. For those of you who don't know what the Angry Marines are, here you go: NSFW.

I wanted to start a 40k army that would give me endless conversion opportunities, and also be a challenge to paint. I eventually settled on the Angry Marines as I love their "fluff" and imagery, I had a pile of marines lying around collecting dust, and yellow is fucking hard to paint. Some may consider a full "joke" army to be a waste of good models, but those people are FUCKING DICKSNIFFERS AND HERETICS TO BOOT!! <ahem> Sorry, just getting into the spirit.

I've seen many attempts to convert the Angry Marines to the tabletop; many are halfhearted, show promise but peter out before completion, are not well documented, or are limited in scope to a handful of models. I don't plan on doing any of the above. My goals are as follows:

  - Full Force Organization
  - Fully Tabletop Legal
  - Built for personality rather than winning tournies
  - All models converted and individualized
  - Document everything
  - They will be really, really pissed off

I realize that this will be a long term project, but I will not give up until I am done! That being said, I had to figure out what army I want to utilize. The choice is obvious: Blood Angels. They got the death company, Land Raiders that drop from the sky, a Baby Thunderhawk, flying dreadnoughts, genocidal dreadnoughts, and a bunch of nifty wargear. My first though was just to run a normal "reskinned" BA army, but there were some problems: First, furious charge is random and inconsistent with regular marines. Angry Marines are not sometimes angry, or even angry most of the time; they are ALWAYS ANGRY ALL THE TIME!! Second, if my regular marines are angry marines, what will I do with death company? What is angrier than an Angry Marine...? Nothing, so a Death Company Army it shall be. After all, capturing objectives is for pussies who leave some of the enemy alive.

Without further ado, here is my first (test) marine.

Fairly simple conversion on this guy. Gave him assault marine legs and a standard torso, chaos chainsword with the extra blade details shaved off, and a circle of green stuff for the chest emblem.

Let me say again, yellow is an evil bitch. I'm not entirely happy with this guy, and I plan on changing up my painting  methods and recipes, so I won't list a tutorial or paint recipe until I come up with a standardized process.

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